Nexus Purpose is a Venture Capitalist Corporation developed to identify and invest
in viable ventures that align with Our Why.

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1. What does Nexus Purpose invest in?
Nexus Purpose invests in companies that are sown into our core purpose, and stay within our expertise. Our focus at Nexus Purpose is to identify viable options to invest our funds and focus. Our heart beat strives to help build start-up companies in order to help forge a path into the future.

2. What support can entrepreneurs expect beyond money?
Nexus Purpose takes the time to ensure that any business venture is going to align with our core ideology before investing in an opportunity. As a result, this allows us to build a close relationship with the members of our ventures. The Nexus Purpose team will support and consult start-ups throughout their various growth phases.

3. At what stages do we invest?
We prefer to invest in the early stages, or through growth and expansion phases. The most important factors in our decision to invest is that it aligns with our core ideology.

4. What are the investment criteria?
All business ventures must align with our values and principles. These ventures must also be service-oriented in nature, and display opportunities for recurring monthly revenue. We are highly focused on low-touch, high-impact ventures. We only invest in ventures that remain within our scope of expertise because we are committed to driving entrepreneurs toward success through our network of experts.

5. How do I get in touch with Nexus Purpose?
Please feel free to contact us regarding your venture as long as your vision aligns with Our Why, and we will connect from there.


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